How it works

For a company to become certified an NVIR-O-CERT auditor must visit a company’s construction site and verify that the company has processes in place to ensure that they protect the environment and that those processes are being followed in practice.

Companies are required to monitor their performance and continuously improve. The scheme also provides proof to clients that the construction company is protecting the environment.

The annual fees for companies undergoing a full NVIR-O-CERT audit and using all the NVIR-O-CERT template documentation are dependent on the turnover of the company as follows:

Current fees 

Turnover       Standard Rates  25% discounted rate for companies with Safe-T-Cert 

£0-£1m          £746.67 + VAT        £560 + VAT 
£1m-£5m      £1,166.67 + VAT     £875 + VAT 
£5m-£15m    £1,566.67 + VAT     £1,175 + VAT 
£15m-£30m  £2,446.67 + VAT     £1,835 + VAT 
£30m+           £2,946.67 + VAT     £2,210 + VAT 

50% of the annual fee is payable in the first year to proceed with your application to join NVIR-O-CERT. The remaining 50% is payable just in advance your audit.

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