Past Presidents

The Construction Employers Federation has been the voice of the industry in Northern Ireland since 1945.

Each of our Past Presidents has played a crucial role in the development of the CEF and the wider industry.

John Tracey 2020-2022

Ray Hutchinson 2018-2020

David Henry 2016-2018

Rhona Quinn 2014-2016

Derek Martin 2012-2014

Mark Lowry 2010-2012

Christopher Carvill 2008-2010

  W A Rowan 2006-2008

M E J Graham 2004-2006

J Gillvray 2002-2004

M Ferguson 2000-2002

S Campbell 1998-2000

WG Martin 1996-1998
A A Reynolds 1994-1996

T Patterson 1992-1994

J A Gray 1990-1992

W F Gillespie 1988-1990

D McClure 1986-88
A Magennis 1984-1986

R E Huston 1982-1984

J E L Graham 1980-1982

H Taggart 1978-1980

W D McKee 1976-1978
A E Martin 1974-1976

S J Black 1973-1974

W McF Martin 1971-1973

H E Campbell 1969-1971

F G O'Hare 1968-1969

J P Graham 1945-1968

CEF's Patrons


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