BMHA| Dementia, Mental Health & the Workplace

6 June 2024   Business Environment Industry Standards

This month's article from the Building Mental Health Alliance (BMHA) features an Alzheimer's Society guide on how to create a dementia friendly workplace.

Research has shown there is a link between dementia and mental health, with each condition significantly influencing the other.

The Alzheimer's Society report the numbers of employees with dementia is on the increase especially because people are working longer.

Recognising and addressing this interplay is essential for improving the quality of life for both employees suffering from dementia and employers.

The Alzheimer's Society has produced an informative guide covering:

  • Your legal responsibilities in relation to the protection of people with dementia
  • Information about dementia, its symptoms and common issues faced by people with dementia
  • Ideas to help you develop awareness of dementia in your workplace
  • Tips to help you support a member of staff who is affected by dementia
  • Examples covering a number of common workplace scenarios
  • Making reasonable adjustments in the workplace
  • Sources of further advice and support

Download the document here.

Further articles and information on the Building Mental Health Alliance is available here.


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